Reservation – Give to dryland farmers

There is a huge demand for reservation in Maharashtra today on a demand for reservation.
There are currently many more questions that the government is ahead, who should give reservations or how much reservation should be given to a particular caste. Though India has been meeting for many years today, there is a lot of discussions on topics such as good reservation, debate and caste castes there is a conflict.

According to many savvy and commentators, reservation should be included in other castes without any caste. Similarly, each caste class has kept a huge front on the demand of reservations and demands the government to keep them. In fact, the condition of today’s situation is that the need for reservation is for the dryland farmers, the farm laborers and the poor.

The country which is agricultural, the country whose population is largely dependent on farming, and in whose country their leaders are elected by the votes of the farmers. The farmer class is forced to commit suicide today, the dryland farmer should definitely give a reservation to this government.

The dryland farmers who have to rely solely on nature. Due to which the government does not give proper market prices to the males, the dryland farmers should definitely give a reservation to this government. Expectations of dry farming, farm laborers and guragribites are to make honest efforts to make the lives of their children, their mother and sisters, by announcing government reservation.

Courtesy – Aapali Manas

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