Chikhaldara  – The Hill station and Tiger Reserve Destination

Chikhaldara  is very great place for rainy season and hangout for the tiger. Chikhaldara is known as the only hill station in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state. Situated at an altitude of 1118 meters high in the Gavilgarh Hills, a branch of the Satpura mountains, it is 28 km north west of Achalpur in the Amravati district. Also famous as the only coffee growing area in the state, Chikaldara was established by the British in 1839 as a sanatorium and a site for coffee plantations. Still today, one can find many British Bungalows in Chikhaldara. A British-made water treatment pump still functions in the Mariampur Village.

The hill station derives its name from Kichaka, who was killed by Bheema, one of the Pandava brothers, for having insulted Draupadi, and threw his body down the vally Kichak Bara now known as Chikaldara. Chikaldara is a popular destination for nature lovers also. The hillstation boasts colourful birds and animals including Magpie, Barbet, Oriole, Panthers, Sloth Bears, Sambars and Wild Boars. The famous Melghat Tiger Reserve with a population of 82 tigers is located nearby. The reserve boasts Sloth Bear, Hyena, Gaur, Sambhar, Nilgai, Four – horned Antelope, Boar etc. Apart from rich wildlife, the hill station offers its visitors breathtaking views of cascading waterfalls during the monsoon and the surrounding mountains spread out to the horizon far below, many valleys and lakes. The climate is always breezy and often covered with a light morning mist.

There are number of scenic points spread all over Chikhaldara. Places of interest in and around Chikhaldara are the Gawilgad fort, Bhima-kund, Shakkar Lake, Melghat Tiger Project etc. Besides these tourist attractions, tourists can visit the famous sight seeing points such as Hariken Point, Panchbol Point, Sunset Point, Goraghat Point, Monkey Point, Malviya Point etc Also, there are lots of adventurous activity to be enjoyed here. Its hills and ravines are a challenge for the trekkers. Tourists can enjoy Jungle safari and trekking at Melghat tiger reserve, water sports activity in Shakkar Lake etc. Chikaldhara is a good site for basic paragliding, paramotoring and para-winching. During Chikhaldara Festival, adventure activities such as Para-gliding and rock climbing, exhibition showing the local arts and artifacts and many other events.


The list of Tourist Attractions in Chikhaldara:


Gavilgadh Fort

Melghat Tiger Reserve

Gavilgadh Fort

Devi Mandir

Sakkar Talao

Hariken Point

Panchbol Point


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